Monday, March 30, 2015

All the small things

When you have a hypotonic child, its the small things that count. Its not about the big accomplishments, milestones go out the window. Its all about the milistones, its all about the small things. For months I have been waiting for Sam to crawl. When it dint happen by his first birthday, i was devastated and a little bit of hope dissapeared. I have since tried to eliminate expectations, not to say I dont hope and pray that he will walk one day (not tomorow, maybe not in a year, but one day he will ) cause I pray every second of every day, with every kiss and hug; I have just stopped putting him on a timeline and started appreciating the small things. The new noises (no words yet), how he engages with his environment, playing catch with me, laughing, how quick he can put himself in sitting position when he wants to. He may have not learned any new skills this week but he is getting better at some and this is what I hold close to my heart... the small things...


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